Academic Podcasting
Academic Podcasting
Kevin Patton

Welcome to Academic Podcasting

Working together to learn and grow as podcasters in the academic world.

About Us

We are a group of people interested in podcasting for and/or by academics.

We're just starting out. We're counting on you to bring your questions, ideas, and experiences to help us build a community that benefits us all!

Some of us have or had an academic podcast. Some of us are developing a new academic podcast. And some of us are exploring the idea of developing an academic podcast. Still others are here to help in some way.

No matter why were are here, our common purpose is to help and support each other.

Why You Should Join Us

If you are thinking of starting an academic podcast, you want to grow your academic podcast, or you just want to hang out with us and learn, this is the place to ask questions, share tips and insights, and get support.

Membership is free of cost. Well, except we expect you to participate. That's the price: be an active member of our little community.

Also be aware that you'll be challenged at every turn and encouraged when you need it. You'll find shoulders to cry on when you need that. You'll find colleagues to cheer your successes. And you'll find new friends.

What Is Academic Podcasting?

An academic podcast may be one that is created by or hosted by a person in the greater community of academia, whether in a learning institution or serving a peripheral role. Or an academic podcast may have the purpose of supporting academia or reporting on academia or academic subjects or scholarly disciplines and research. It may involve faculty, tutors, students, education leaders, people who support or service students and faculty, scholars, academic authors—as long as the podcast in some way touches upon an academic pursuit. 

Yeah. That covers a lot of ground. So that's why we value diversity among our little band. There is so much to learn from each other!

The Academic Podcaster

One of the ways our community engages with one another is through the development and production of a new podcast called The Academic Podcaster. 

Using this podcast as a sort of living laboratory, those interested in developing a podcast can see some of the decisions to be made and tasks to be accomplished. Experienced podcasters can bring their insights to the project, as well as play around with various ways of doing a podcast. 

Who knows how it will all turn out?


Right now, our main topics of discussion include:

  • Starting a Podcast
  • News & Notes
  • Gear
  • Production & Editing
  • Topics & Guests
  • Growing Your Podcast
  • Teaching by Podcasting

These are not limits, but starting points.